Source: Huma Therapeutics Ltd Copyright: The Authors URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) More than 90% of 2524 participants invited to join a fully remote COVID-19 study, conducted by Cambridge researchers, downloaded and registered on the study app [1]. Approximately 75% of participants completed digital biomarker assessments such as resting heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation at least once per week [1]. Participants were aged 45-70 years and took part for an average of 8 months [1]. LONDON, January 13, 2023. Today, Huma Therapeutics Limited (“Huma”), a leading global digital health company, announced the results of a new study in collaboration with the MedicalRead More →

Source: Pexels Copyright: Ivan Samkov URL: License: Public Domain (CC0) Precompetitive collaboration forming to address root causes of health inequity and financial toxicity in cancer Boston, MA, January 4, 2023 –Today, results from the joint Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and Moffitt Cancer Center roundtable, “Advancing Digital Health Innovation to Improve the Lives of Cancer Patients,” were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Health care delivery and clinical research are becoming increasingly digitized, driven by the pursuit of improved access, equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. However, progress to date has not been equally distributed, and digital innovation in oncology is lagging behind other areas. ThisRead More →