Source: Kath Middleditch Around 15-25% of women experience significant levels of anxiety in the perinatal period (pregnancy and a year after childbirth). Despite being treatable, most women experiencing perinatal anxiety (PNA) don’t seek help. “There is so much pressure to be the ‘perfect mother’ these days, and there are a lot of unrealistic expectations around motherhood, so when women struggle to meet them, they can often think that they are failing somehow, or worry that they may be seen as a ‘bad mother’,” says Dr Gini Harrison. Lack of support for women New research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research suggests this might beRead More →

Source: Siren Inc. San Francisco, California – December 17, 2018 – Siren, the health technology company that developed Neurofabric™, a machine-washable, machine-dryable smart textile with built-in sensors, today announced publication of a foundational paper supporting its approach in Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine, and health & health care in the internet age. In the paper, a team of international researchers led by Ran Ma, cofounder and CEO, and Alexander M Reyzelman, DPM; Samuel Merritt University, detail the role of Siren’s Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System in maintaining continuous, wireless skin temperature monitoring for users at-home, demonstratingRead More →